The youthful nuances of a day at the beach remain consistently etched in my mind. Each summer the same sights and sounds played out around me over the course of our annual summer vacation. Always reliable, always static no matter the other inevitable changes that rolled through my life. Now my children journey to the beach with me. A different beach but we are welcomed by a similarly constant experience. Our long, idle days at the beach transcend our different decades and link us together in mores deeply rooted in the experience. Decades from my youth, that steadiness comforts me in its sameness. 

At its heart, As Seen On, an ongoing body of work, seeks to marry my childhood memories of the look and feel of a day at the beach with the reality of my experience as an adult. To achieve this, I choose to explore the sensory experiences of a one-mile walk along the Atlantic Ocean. To convey that sense of a walk, all of the images were shot from my eye-level perspective. To avoid interfering with the environment and subjects, a mobile phone was used to shoot all of the images. Imploring these techniques allowed the camera to become my memory embedding this familiarity in a concrete form. Please click on an image to see it full size.