THE MEMORABLE IMAGE WORKSHOP: Developing a Critical Eye for Composition and Editing

“The best images are the ones that retain their strength and impact over the years, regardless of the number of times they are viewed.” ~Anne Geddes

This workshop will guide you to focus on the compositional structure of your images and how you can use behind-the-camera planning, as well as editing choices, to raise your photography work to the next level, creating truly memorable images. I will help you develop a more critical eye by exploring the fundamental compositional elements photographers can use to improve their visual storytelling and influence how the viewer perceives an image. I will also discuss, in the PDF and the videos, how you can use editing to enhance, and sometimes create, stronger composition in your images. I share some of my own “lemons to lemonade” images and show how crafty editing turned them into some of my favorites. Finally, I discuss ways to incorporate what I teach in newly created images and also ways to re-evaluate older ones to find strong images that may have been overlooked.

The workshop includes:

~ An 80-page PDF that covers topics such as lines, texture, balance, symmetry, depth, perspective and scale. I talk in-depth about how I use these elements in images, as well as how to enhance them with detailed post processing.

~ Four videos, totally 30 minutes that show me working in both Photoshop and Lightroom to enhance both the image and its compositional elements. I cover editing for contrast, subject placement and to enhance texture, the background and the details in an image.

~ A bonus 55-minute Q&A video covering a variety of questions I have received from previous workshop participants.

~ A ten-minute bonus editing video based off some of the Q&A questions.

Workshop is available for immediate download after purchase. You can pay for the workshop with Visa or Mastercard. 


The Memorable Image Workshop


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