The Art of Color and Light

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The Art of Color and Light


This workshop will give you a starting point to begin to think about, harness and ultimately control the ways you incorporate color and light into your work. We will consider images where the color and light were only arranged in camera and others where both the color and light were created completely in post-processing. My goal is to provide you with the inspiration and framework to think more deeply about color and light and then incorporate that thinking into your own style, voice, and work.


The workshop includes:


~ A 57 page PDF that covers topics including:


•    Thinking about the color in an image and how it can be used to direct the visual narrative


•    Using color theory to create or influence the feel or mood of an image


•    Thinking about the lighting in an image and how it can be used to direct the visual narrative


•    Specific ways to use light to highlight form and shape to tell a story


~ Two videos, totally 30 minutes that show my thought process and workflow to craft and enhance an image’s color palette and lighting. I cover editing using a variety of tools and techniques in both Lightroom and Photoshop. 


Workshop is available for immediate download after purchase. You can pay for the workshop with Paypal, Visa or Mastercard.

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