“We often spend so much time photographing our families or clients, that I think it's easy to forget that we should also take some time to photograph something just for us. Pam's encouragement, insight, and honesty was ever-present. And, she made sure that we each developed a project that made sense for us individually. She encouraged us to think about what's important, and why it's important, and then forced us to think outside the box to add that emotion & intention to whatever it is we create. Her daily interaction, thoughtful questioning, and explanation of the process thru which she creates and plans out her own projects, truly made this a memorable and worthwhile experience! I adore the way you structured felt like a hybrid between a workshop and a mentorship. It was perfect. You made it student-driven, which is what good teachers do :).” Gina Cooperman of JOY ALEXANDER PHOTOGRAPHY

 “This workshop is full of information, inspiration, and great teaching.  Pam gives her all for the whole workshop. You really feel that you are getting her full attention and she really brings the best out of you.  I have learned so much not only about why my previous attempts at a personal project have failed but also gained the necessary tools to make any future ones a success. I would not hesitate to recommend this workshop to anyone that is interested in doing their own personal project.  Pam has an excellent teaching style; I would love to take another workshop with her!” Tracy Bradbury of TRACY BRADBURY PHOTOGRAPHY

 “Pam is extremely open, friendly, and willing to share her thoughts and knowledge.  Her feedback on our projects and her personal journey was specific and very individualized. The assignments were very thought-provoking as they directly related to how to plan and complete a successful personal project.  Pam was the most involved instructor I've ever had. The size of the class was perfect. I felt like I knew my peers and that I got the personalized attention I needed. Great teaching style, very inclusive. Nothing was off limits.” Kristen Russo of KRISTEN RUSSO PHOTOGRAPHY

 “I was apprehensive about taking this workshop because I wasn't sure how a personal project would fit into my life.  I have had ideas for projects before but just didn't know how to pull one off completely.  Pam gave me all of the necessary tools, step by step, to plan not one but two projects and I left with many more possible ideas for future projects.  With such a small class, Pam's interaction with each of us was amazing!  She was always available and answered any questions fully and honestly.  This class was so much more than just planning personal projects.  It gave me the confidence I was lacking as an artist and the push to try new things. I have taken a few workshops from other instructors, so it was difficult not to compare ;) Her teaching style was so helpful to me and so sincere.  I really think if I would send Pam a message in three months she would know who I am ;) Pam did an amazing job with creating this workshop. I loved it and might take it again.”  Emily Greenfield of EMILY GREENFIELD PHOTOGRAPHY

 “Pam’s workshop is well written and nicely laid out. In it, she discusses different elements that make a photograph stand out. In the PDF, there are seven composition components reviewed in depth that create strong and memorable images. The visual examples in the PDF with a detailed explanation of why it works were so helpful. This was a great workshop and well worth the money. I would recommend it for photographers at any level.” Elise Cellucci of ELISE CELLUCCI PHOTOGRAPHY

 “Pam’s workshop was beautifully laid out and absolutely inspiring. I was shocked (in a good way!) to find out the everyday backstories behind some of her amazing images and loved seeing the thought process behind her editing. The visual examples in this breakout were wonderful. I was thrilled to see the way Pam presented different compositions and how easily she explained why strong composition makes such a difference. I loved this and definitely think it is a workshop that is good for all photographers, no matter their experience level.” Lissa Chandler of LISSA CHANDLER PHOTOGRAPHY

“I found Pam’s workshop very informative and inspiring in helping me improve my critical eye when it comes to the composition and editing of my images. Pam encourages us to go through the images sitting on our hard-drives and re-evaluate their compositional strengths and (re)edit them in ways to make them stronger. There are a lot of hidden gems to be found this way! Also, hearing her talk in the Q&A video about her work, and explaining the vision behind her images and editing was very insightful. This workshop helped me, not only to sort through my images from the past but also inspired me to be more purposeful in shooting and make new MEMORABLE images for the future. Thank you, Pam.” Gea Keller of GEA VISSER PHOTOGRAPHY