I am excited to share with you the details of how I edited one of my all-time favorite images: No Fear, No Boundaries. The image, shown here, is from my series of work called The Ways You Will Go. The image is my personal reminder that we should joyously venture into the unknown without allowing fear to hold us back.

In the eBook, some of the Photoshop techniques I cover include:

       Compositing (hair, birds, clouds, pieces of a dress and even a leg)

       Directing and creating light using Curves Adjustments

       Color toning using Hue/Saturation

       Color toning using Curves Adjustments

       Using the Content Aware Scale tool


       Adding Textures

I truly hope you enjoy this eBook and please check back for additional free resources I will be adding. They will include new tutorials, texture sets, sky overlays and more! If you would like to work with me through my workshops or through personalized mentoring, please find more information under For Photographers. And, if you would like to read a bit about what it is like to work with me, please check out some reviews here