The notions of our human universality and how that connects and binds us together into an inclusive community fascinate me. I have long been drawn to the pieces in the human experience that transcend our geographic, social, economic or educational differences. My goal, through my images, is to create bodies of work that examine and give voice to these common threads. I want to explore the things that make us the same no matter how different we are. It is from this perspective that the series Inside Friday Night is born.

At the intersection of the workweek and the weekend lies Friday night. Having survived the pressures of the week, Friday night ushers in a sense of freedom for the working masses. There is an often perpetuated, preconceived societal idea of what a Friday night should look and feel like. The initialism, TGIF, has filtered through the layers of our American culture. We have been persuaded to believe these precious hours call for celebration of friends, family and a life well lived.  Can one night embody such optimism? Through a voyeuristic lens, Inside Friday Night hopes to cast a light on how we spend those precious few hours each week. Please click on an image to see it full size.