The Creative Process Exhibition

Thank you so much PhotoPlace Gallery and juror Kat Kiernan for choosing two of my images to be part of the Creative Process exhibition. I am truly honored to have my images included with such an amazingly talented group of artists including my good friend Jen Kiaba.

Both of these images are from my ongoing series The Ways You Will Go which is my visual exploration of the life lessons I hope to send my children off with as they venture out into this world. You can see more of the series here.


See No Evil


Today I am sharing the newest image, See No Evil, from my photography series The Ways You Will Go. If you are not familiar with this series, it is my visual exploration of the life lessons I want to my children to take with them as they journey forward in their lives. You can read more about the series and see all of the images here. See No Evil is my, albeit limited, attempt to explore and capture the emotions and the turmoil I have experienced since Charlottesville. My hope is that this image will stand as a reminder to my children that evil only wins when we choose to turn away. 

With each image in this series, I attempt to put into words a bit about my views on what I hope my children will take with them from each image. Below are my thoughts on See No Evil.

Through the recent events in our country, I have been moved to consider what happens when good people choose to close their eyes to hatred, bigotry, and racism. To think about how ignoring evil can lead us to repeat the sins of our past. There is an inherent danger in choosing only to see beauty…to choose to overlook the darkness. We cannot…we must not allow ourselves to cover our eyes. We must look at evil. Inspect it. Study it. Recognize it. Name it. And, then ultimately take its power away.

This image, See No Evil, is my personal totem in this fight. My reminder that for good and beauty to triumph we must open our eyes, let our past serve as enduring lessons and move bravely forward with acceptance, respect, and celebration of both our similarities and our differences.  

Registration is now OPEN for The Personal Project You Already Shot


To everyone who has been waiting so patiently, I am incredibly excited to announce that The Personal Project You Already Shot starts February 20th. Woohoo!!!

Come join me and let's spend 4 weeks together reigniting your creativity and creating an inspiring personal project all from images you have already shot. Intriguing, right?  If you would like the full details on the course or want to sign up, head on over to As a bonus, I am offering very special pricing for this run only, so don't' miss out! I sincerely hope you will join me!

And, as a special treat for you, I am sharing a free preview of the first lesson in the workshop. Check out this video just to get a small taste of the workshop and what I have in store for you!

I hope you enjoy that little preview. If you are as excited about this workshop as I am, head on over to the registration page. Or, if you have questions, I am here to answer them! Just shoot me an email at and let me know.



Welcome Click It Up A Notch Fans

Hi and Welcome Click It Up A Notch Fans,

I hope you enjoyed my blog post on What You Need To Know About Your Next Photography Project! Below is a guide that continues that conversation and will help you create a rewarding personal photography project that brings you inspiration in 2017. I am always happy to answer questions, so please reach out to me on Facebook or Instagram if I can be of help. Enjoy!!


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What do you want to accomplish this year?

It’s the million-dollar question that is on the minds of so many of us as we start the new year.

Truth be told, I am not a big New Year’s resolution maker, but I do like taking stock, at the beginning of each year, of what I have accomplished and setting some new goals.  Over the last five years, I have developed a system that I have found very effective for how I do this. While, I can’t lay claim to inventing what I am going to share with you, hopefully by sharing my process and what has worked for me, I can inspire you to create some achievable goals for yourself in 2017.

I begin by choosing a word of the year for myself. I started this practice back in 2012. My goal in choosing the word is to find one that resonates with me, and that will be the foundation for what I want to accomplish over the course of the year.  For example, the first year I began doing this, one of my main goals was to encourage myself to try new things, without the fear of failure, so the word I chose was fearless. Over the last five years, other words I have chosen include- deserving, daring, bold and gentleness.

On my desk, I have a small, framed chalkboard and on it, I write my word each year. I have found seeing the word each day to be very motivating, and it works as a great reminder of what I want to accomplish. I find it even gives me a kick in the pants when I am feeling like some of my goals might be out of my reach.


Once I have chosen my word, my next step is to set 3-5 year-long, or overall, goals. I like to dream big when I set these goals! My aim is to choose goals that feel a bit daunting to push myself outside my comfort zone. Once these goals are in place, my next step is to break them down into achievable pieces, first by quarter then by month. This is simple sounding, yet a key step. It is also the step that has led to the successful completion of my goals over the years.

Thinking about big, year-long goals as a whole often make them feel unachievable but breaking them down allows you to tackle manageable pieces. Then systematically working through the manageable pieces on a monthly and quarterly basis is what leads to accomplishing the bigger goals.

Let me give you a real example of how I used this process over the last couple of days. One of my overall goals this year is to launch three new courses, one in February, one in April and one in July. This is definitely a daunting goal for me when I think about all three courses in broad terms, so I pulled out my quarterly and monthly planners for 2017. As I began to map out and put on my calendars the work required to create and launch each course, the goal became much more doable. Seeing what I needed to do laid out quarterly and monthly allowed my to get a realistic idea of the time I would need to complete the goal and gauge if that was reasonable within the realities of my life.

One of the interesting things I have learned over the years is laying out goals like this occasionally leads me to new goals along the way. Sometimes the new goals override my original goals, other times they get added into the year, and sometimes they get held until the following year. That happened with the first course I am launching this year. The idea for the course came to me in the second half of 2016 based off of another goal I was working to complete. As I looked at my schedule for the last few months of the year, it became apparent I wasn’t going to be able to fit it into my planning, so I moved the launch to February of this year.  

Now here we are at the beginning of 2017, and its time for me to set a new word for the year and to finish my goal planning. I would love to invite each of you to join me. If setting a word for the year feels overwhelming right now, try setting a word for the first quarter. Similarly, if setting year-long goals feel intimidating, try setting a single goal for the first quarter.

Start small, make it attainable and build from there. I promise it is incredibly satisfying to reach a goal you set no matter how big or small. The important thing is to write it down! Putting your word or your goals on paper makes them real.

To help you do this, I am sharing my Goal Setting Cheat Sheet. This is what I use each year to document my word and my goals. I use these sheets throughout the year as a reference; updating them as needed. And, at the end of the year, I add them to a master file I have because it is reaffirming to look back over what I have already accomplished.  

I hope you find the cheat sheets helpful and using them becomes part of your New Year’s planning. As always, please reach out to me on Facebook or Instagram if you have questions. I promise I will be back with a blog post in the next week or so to share my word of the year with you!

I wish you a warm and wonderful 2017 filled with dreams, hard work and great successes!


Download the Cheat Sheet!